cuizy (cuizy) wrote,

Writer's Block: Star struck

Do you think celebrities deserve as much recognition, attention, and money as we, as a society, give them? What do you think it says about our cultural values?

it pisses me off so much when i see the time 100's most influential and IT'S ALL PPL FROM THE ENTERTAINMENT industry.

OK, so I guess i can't say that they aren't influential.......cuz they ARE, and pop culture is.  Sure acting and singing and partying all day and supporting a crazy lifestyle/personality may be hard work.  I just wish people that are actually making progress (doing stuff that not everyone can do), and working so hard on it, can get recognized.  I wish that it wasn't so much about personality and being better than everybody else, but more their long-term impacts on humans, on the world.

I just think society is very frivolous (including myself) and everyone wants attention for themselves.
Tags: writer's block

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