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watched inception with friends
it was actually a lot better than i expected.  Cuz I'm not really into movies....  And I'm sort of angry that I missed a 'tokyo skyscape scene' in the beginning cuz I started calling my mom.  To be fair I was kinda bored by the beginning and Mr. Watanabe.  lol.....  well i'll just re-watch that part when it comes out.

I really loved everything the movie incorporated, cuz it def had my attention for the rest of it.  Like all the crazy faux intellectual ideas and the action sequences/ visual stimulation.  I've actually been thinking about dreams recently.  Like why in my dreams other people can speak fluent Japanese/French while I'm struggling to understand 20% of what they're saying, and reply back in broken whatever.  Lol...... if my subconscious conjures the fluent Japanese up in my dream, why can't i do it in real life ):

Also, I wonder if it's scientifically proven that dreams seem longer because so much of your brain is trying to create the rest of that world...... it definitely seems so to me.  There are dreams where I swear I've been in for like 1 hr but only 5 or 15 minutes passed in real life.  It's sorta freaky.

Like just before going out today, it happened again, and sometimes I can dream up sensations so real, I felt paralyzed like something was holding my arms/most of my body down.  I freaked a little.  Also I wonder if my obsession with Johnny's is too much.  I dreamt about yamapi and kame and jin...... in my 5 minute dream.  It was a really happy dream......I guess if ever I were Johnny and had a harem I'd choose those three.  Tho maybe I could do without yamapi.  LOL  my subconscious is greedy indeed.  and suddenly I understand how ppl could love more than one person at the same time or why chinese emperors/ rich guys way back when had multiple wives......  I think Jin would be my 1st wife, kame would be the flirty consort I picked up along the way and uhhhh yamapi who I want for his perfect body.  In my dreams right?  xP  Actually..... that may not be a bad idea...... I think this may deserve a full entry later on while i sketch out the idea more xDDDD

And in the car, my friend was telling us about how way back, when her dad was in college in China and they lived in single-sex bunk beds with 8 ppl to a room, there was this one guy from a different room, that would come over and share a bed with his friend all the time, at night......  And apparently guys had simple minds back then and didn't think it was strange at all.......  O_o

And now those two friends both live in SF but at least one is married, but they still meet up every weekend to do......stuff.......

Hmmmm......  what do you think?  (cuz i know i'm a horrible judge after reading soooo many of those sappy fics where the two main characters cuddle in bed all the time....... also when I think "Life as we know it" sounds like a good film and sort of fangirling over the plot and the character settings..... but it's just too "substitutable", I couldn't resist xD)

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