cuizy (cuizy) wrote,

First off..... I'd like to say that Dero is an AWESOME show!!!

cuz yeah! Random facts? logic puzzles?? hella yeah! Plus sometimes there are johnnys in it. On of my fav episodes is the Chinen/Yamada one..... because they're in it xD And omg Chinen is such a little genius <3333

Most of the k8 guests are hilarious.....

That akb girl.... the one with big eyes and forehead and had a single out.... is quite smart too.

And omg Junno impressed me so much with his knowledge too! But Nakamaru-kun, Mr "who proposed the theory of relativity....uhhh... Newton??" Noooo Sir.... Have you not taken high school physics? Then again these kind of knowledge is useless for them.... O_o

Anyways, I'm so excited I sorta got my brother hooked too, will be watching more!

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