cuizy (cuizy) wrote,


dare ga..... tasukete~~~

omg I know at my 'advanced age' I shouldn't be saying this anymore.... but I srsly have troubles getting along with my mom. 3 fights in the past 3 days I've been home!! And most recently it's because a lady friend of hers thinks my fashion sense is bad. Just cuz I wore a jacket and fitted jeans. She thinks I shouldn't 'follow trends' and find my own style more. That's fine except I don't really incorporate many trends into my clothing..... and by 'my style' i feel like she means '40 year old females style'......

Oh yeah and this stranger said my legs were too fat to follow the skinny jeans trend and i should only wear loose pants..... O_O


This is such a sad predicament I'm in..... my mom keeps thinking the reason why I don't have a bf yet is cuz 'my image is not good' especially how I dress..... it doesn't attract guys or something. Which *may* be true.... but if I followed her advice I'd be attracting the wrong type of guys..... sigh

Soooo.... yes i'm desperate for a guy to get my mom off my back..... but I don't know how low my standards can drop for that.....

In other news I really really want to go to Hawaii! Like really bad!! But it's so expensive and also I sort of want to see kat-tun perform there. If they are going to still..... I dunno.... everything seems postponed since that big earthquake. But all my friends are going in July.....should I go with them or should I wait? I don't even know how much I'd like kat-tun's concerts live..... but it'd still be nice to go and support them in the USA..... and everything. We'll see.....

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