December 13th, 2011


history of Johnny's~~

So.... in my randomly clicking through youtube clips I found out that Yamapi was on some show with Katori Shingo that quizzed them about Johnnys. Seeing as I LOVED this kind of show.... I had to find the long clip and watch it all..... and I did. It was a SmaStation from earlier this year

It's crazy to see the history.... there really weren't that many Johnny's bands in the beginning (they also used to sing/ dance really really well O_o) Anyways, once they started covering the 90s bands..... it was all too familiar territory..... and when they showed KT debut Yamapi had a huge smile.... so did Shingo.... wonder what that's about lol

I wonder if this has been translated? I haven't heard about it AT ALL.....then again recently I've been pretty secluded in my JE fandom.....

In other JE news.... I sang Sexy Zone at karaoke.... kinda embarassed tho haha..... and I really like kmf2's we'll never give up! My friend said she could totally foresee me becoming those 50 yr old women who still love Johnnys lol