January 19th, 2012


Nakayoshi TV

I have a new favourite TV program!! It is Nakayoshi TV, the one where recently Matsuko was on for the heated kpop vs jpop discussion. Well, the show existed a bit before that but now it's moved to golden time slot.

Most of the past episodes I've seen were about Japan vs China vs Korea, on topics like movies, entertainment industry, pop music, food, and colleges. Of course a lot of the discussions were not very deep but still interesting and entertaining :)
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And there will be a Japan vs China vs US episode soon! Their song was 'I want you NiChuuKan, I need you NiChuuKan' (for J/C/K) but for the US episode it became 'I want you NiChuuMei, GDP 1 2 3' HAHAHAHA
And there will be a Japan vs China vs India one soon too!