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have a feeling everyone is putting their own 2 cents in right now.  But will write something anyways.

So today went to dinner with friend L.  (love her hair nowadays, soooo wish for long curly hair right now D:)
Anyways we were just talking about how our friends from the past are now on various paths in our lives and how we all diverge.  How she met this guy on the plane that is owner of a coffee shop whereas his childhood friends are a Stanford physics professor or CEO of some company.  And how her dad's childhood friend is now the main financial guy in China and made it to top 3 time's most influential.  Yeah..... i dunno, it's sometimes less about our abilities and more about our choices in life.  And it's really hard to compare what you give and take. 

For some reason this topic really reminded me of jin and kame as well.  I mean......they could be considered as childhood friends right?  And they were even in the same position for a long time, but somehow their lives still diverged a lot.  you can't really say one made a better choice than another.  I'm actually quite excited for jin and wanna see how it pans out.  I had the feeling he didn't want to stay in Japan but actually to have the guts to try making it in the states, and to cut off all his backup.  I'm really surprised and proud of him, no matter what.  I feel like i need to do that with my life too.  To disregard what my mom (and others) think, and just go for it, go for my dreams, to be doing something that doesn't feel like i'm wasting my life away.

I really respect kame for being the person he is too, to go on fighting, continuing the path he's been on so long and not give up.  I was attracted to them initially for being so shiny and new, but after learning about Johnny's and the idol industry, to me once they reach a certain age, it's all downhill and kinda sad for them.  Like i feel like kt's already starting to become how i thought of tokio back when i first joined the fandom.  And like, they're working so hard for what?  To be like matchy when they're 40? (if they end up well......if they don't maybe they'll be like that druggie and get arrested)  And just ride out their fans as long as they can.  And they're all very smart people so they definitely know what's waiting for them.  To me it's sad and kinda pointless but i do respect the people that still give it their all even if they already know the ending.

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Happy (belated) July 4th!

Went to Niagara Falls, haven't been there in forever. It was ok, got really sick tho. Must've been the food/ hot weather yesterday. Still haven't fully recovered yet.

Anyways...... yeah family Sorta not looking forward to my Montreal trip anymore......

But it was nice seeing my cousin/uncle from China. The kid is really strange tho.....I don't even understand. (he just continually looks for attention) And my other uncle/ cousins, so sad XY left already.

Anyways, it's sorta funny I spent Canada Day in the States, and Independence day in Canada. Oh yay.

And of course, happy (belated) birthday to Jin, the 26? yr old i love to hate and hate to love (wait do they mean the same thing?). Hope he does some great things this year and just be generally awesome.

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flailing about kt's appearance on mnet. fufufu....... it's just so weird. kt in kpop. It's mostly cuz they're SO DIFFERENT. The aesthetics, what makes a prettyboy all so different. Eh, it's ok......I like kpop for their attitude-much girl groups anyways.

lol......and gahhh 4minute performed too. Except they're done with HUH sad. Now it's some new song that I'm not excited about yet. The new group MISS A seems interesting too. Figures that I like the youngest Korean girl in the group tho......she's so fresh n pretty......

But yeah...... haven't gotten time to watch it yet since at work.....and then I'll be on a plane home and probably can't do fangirly stuff at home. (esp since my mom thinks i'm over with being a fangirl......tho she does know about my new kpop habit)

OH recently i got hooked on Nishino kana. She's so a strange way. Love the lower lashes. (and I MAY have finally found fake lashes that don't look as fake on me!!) She's also apparently what hs girls in japan love. Yup.....figures. At least gyarus like her too xD

AND kinda frustrated with translating and stuff..... I think my enthusiasm for that has already died down. And the fact nobody comments/ flails with me is not helping.......I guess nobody cares about the older stuff when there's tons of new stuff and they've become completely different ppl anyways (omg what do i have to do to have ppl share my interests?) :/

oh almost forgot, happy CANADA DAY!
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lol lol

who knew Jin could be so politically correct? (tho it's what i expected from him the first time round)
And i think i didn't give him enough credit. He knows the state of everything...... he knows how he'll survive long-term...... and that's probably back in japan. But I guess he just wants to perform in the what he's really wanted to.

This girl is putting together a petition. If you want Jin to perform in Europe......

I'm still recovering from the "twitter me" part from Jin......rofl....... do you REALLY want your crazy fans to do that?? xP
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First of all, I forgot to say, welcome new friends to my lj!  :)

I caught the ending of that England vs USA game!  lol.....cuz i woke up super late......

and my friend J sent me an email about........ kt's NMP.  HAHAHA.....i like how she watched it before me, and that she loved the concept and stuff
And that i am currently watching some korean music show (music core?) w/ a lot of my fav songs
Our roles switched!!

Actually the funniest thing is probably me liking 4 Minute after all that happened on arama xP

So, i guess i didn't have that much to say after all......anyways, have a nice day.

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It's time cup!!  and i changed my icon accordingly  xP

I also found out lj has some really nice themes ppl built...... so CH-CH-CH-CHANGE.  I mean a theme's like a nice matter how good looking it is......after a while ppl get tired right?  cue to ueda to change his hair, dude he had the same hair for like.......3 years!
And YAY there's other ppl (girls) that like looking at other pretty girls (in kpop).  I dunno, it's just more natural/ easier on the eye.  I've realized most of my qualms with the guys looks are that their bones are too angular.......and it takes a *really* special type of angular to look good.  Whereas girls with the smoothness looks good a lot more of the time.   I also don't need to think if they're being disrespectful of women every other second.

I was reading this story last night about *somebody* living in a forest away from civilization, cuz he got tired of humans.  Sometimes I feel the same way.......  At the very least, my life would be so much more productive without internet.  (and my brain could process so much more, w/o it being stimulated/ cluttered from random things)

And YAY I'm done my (class) project!!  Knew I could pull thru!!!  Very giri giri tho.  Like I didn't think it would work cuz it was different from what we were taught, and then I couldn't figure out the 'theory' and did something that sounded right.  And yay it worked!  My project partners stayed up with me til I did my written part........hopefully they don't hate me.......

OK, gots to get to work!  I remember when I still had '2 months' left, and now jin's concert thing is next week :O  I'm pretty sure I wasted those 2 months.  Also new albums!  next week and next next next week.  (did i get that right?)

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why is it so hard for me to focus??!! D:

And i bought a stale cupcake....which i dropped by accident..... it was gross

yesterday was Lady Gaga and Christina dance. I sorta messed up, cuz I decided to 'switch it up' and started on the wrong side and ran across the floor while everyone else was dancing......AND they recorded it...... oops..... never be impulsive.....right

my friend's moving with her PI to harvard!!! Boston!!! I soooo miss it!!! And the $10 bus rides to NYC. (nyc! yay! xP) screw the west coast..... I miss the east coast so bad. when can I get outta this place DDDD: Gotta introduce her to my friend Y (they used to sorta remind me of each other, so they SHOULD get along) And all the good places to eat n everything......gahhh so excited for her! Too bad I dunno more ppl that's left in that area still....i guess a bunch of acquaintances is in med school there.....and i sorta know some ppl in grad school

That same friend is planning a trip to China. OMG I SOOOOO WANNA GOOO!!!! Cuz I promised my grandparents that I'd go visit them and they're getting old. And shanghai's world expo tho i heard that kpop fans got trampled and some may have even died for that suju/half of dbsk/snsd concert O_O I have a feeling we'll just be going to the same places in china tho..... cuz we're both born in nanjing. AND I may have convinced her to drop by Tokyo! 2 days is really all I need to show her around xP omg 109..... omg i need to be skinny so i can fit into gyaru clothes T_T And i should bring her to Lex xDDD I still have a drinking coin. Too bad Jin won't be there..... but eh..... Ryo probably still will.....AND if we're super lucky...... maybe Pi. Lol..... why does it sound like I'm visiting the zoo.

Haha speaking of Lex, reminds me! I dreamed about someone giving me their coin thingy last night...... and me auditioning using that dance i learned in class. LOL is this what my subconscious mind wants to do?

and this sounds really dumb but..... i dun wanna go to LA....... i dun wanna see Jin performing...... I dun wanna see anymore Johnnys in RL...... they just make it worse n worse....... But I HAVE to go cuz I promised my friend......

back from 20s

things i learned from 20s night

- my fandom taught me a lot of random stuff...... like different types of carries, bridal style, fireman carry (ctkt!). And how 'good' photographers take a bajillion pics and only picks a final 'perfect' one. (elevator fic!)

- ppl made fun of my 'heavy' american accent in japanese...... i was trying to say 'kore' and the 'r'..... it just doesn't get along with me D:

- apparently I remind ppl of a panda. shoots n leaves!

- i tried to explain the premise of gokusen to ppl. Yes my very first dorama~~. It sounds..... pretty cheesy..... esp once i mentioned the moral msgs each episode. And how yankumi always kicks bad guys butt to save her students DDDD:

- this older guy.....who was quite enlightening.....talking about how college is my 'formative' years cuz before that we're basically replicas of our parents. So.....I've spent my formative years in the wonder I feel more n more American xP Actually it's cuz US is better at brain

- he also knows korean n japanese why does everyone know japanese?!'s ok, i know american xP..... but his grandparents owned a chinese restaurant in alabama and were there when black ppl were mistreated back in the day :O He also lived in Hong Kong and apparently the investment bankers go out to party EVERY night.....until 5-6 am, grab 4 hrs of sleep, go to work and repeat the routine all over again. :OOO I have a feeling that's the same with IB-ers everywhere! And probably any other high pressure jobs w/ lots of young ppl earning tons of money.

- this guy kept complimenting that i looked really good. And then he asked me to dance. And then I ran away.......even if I sorta liked him. Gahhhh..... I need to stop doing that n getting embarrased. Well....... at least he thought I looked good? And I'm getting better at makeup.

- so many ppl i know work at facebook. Apparently the engineering team gets access to the entire database......of EVERYONE's information. Woahhhh..... guess who's on fb?? xP I'm kidding. But I sort of want to intern there now. Next year!


this website is amazing!! I was doubtful first but will bow down now. So to play, you think of a person (fictional or real) and it asks you '20 questions' and narrows it down to who it is. It got EVERYONE right on the first try, except shige. Poor shige. But yeah, it got ueda/jin/kame/yamada/chinen/ even liu zhu this recently popular guy from china that dresses as a girl (and sort of looks like ueda). By recent i mean he became famous like this month. wow.......

for jin they asked 'did he study abroad in the US?' and 'is he willful?' lol.....

*edit* woah.....i tried my friend M and they asked 'is she related to condensed matter physics' and i was all :O how did they know?? (of course they didn't, but still amused by their choice in questions)

*edit 2* they even got 'johnny' right!

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-miss usa is from michigan? and muslim.... but that's besides the point. i've heard so much about her.....and the pole dancing xP apparently that was a contest by this radio show 'mojo in the morning'. hilarious that i totally recognize it cuz..... omg i'm from that area too xP but yeah.....she's gorgeous!

-i've lived in the states for 7....ok technically 6 years and already i feel much more american than canadian :O Even watching canadian tv shows..... i was thinking..... these canadians are sooo knockoffs of americans! O_o But srsly..... street culture by showing black ppl? I dunno how TO is, but the 2 cities I've lived in, I've seen like maybe....1 black person. (i dun mean to be racist) but it just doesn't have the same connotations of inner city n whatevs..... cuz canada never had that history of slavery.

-speaking of shows, am in LOVE with Drop Dead Diva! Even if i wished the main girl was slightly thinner, and she is sorta slightly annoying. Margaret Cho and the blonde friend are totally my fav characters!! they're hilarious! The premise is a bit cliche.... it's like legally blonde except the blonde turned into a fatter older brunette. She wins her cases by being 'emotional' and bringing in a 'feminine' point of view. *blehhhh* and then they try to market that as female empowerment?? And the arguments they make in court.....i'm no lawyer but it all seems so.....dumb. Like how could they win a case with that? How could the other side not think of it already? ah need to think so much, it's a fun light show xP

-OH my dance class will perform in a week! ideas for makeup/costume? i totally wanna dance in heels but doubt i can pull it off xP Was looking thru lady gaga vids for inspiration. And was watching this tutorial about the crazy doll eyes in bad romance. And lol the girl used some rohto eyedrop to clear her redeyes. And then i was all.....omg rohto.....eyedrop..... kame! LOL and so yes, i got distracted and started watching kat-tun cms for rohto. Did you know that rohto Zi (what kame advertised for) is only available in japan? Makes me wanna try it now apparently it's orgasm for your eyes ;) And both mentholentum lip AND oxy are brands under rohto? It all makes sense now!!! All those cms were related!!!

-return of the english teacher!! yes i subbed in for someone today......for just an hour. His accent was soooo hard to understand through skype. Tho overall, his english is sooooo much better than those japanese dudes i've taught. And then I remembered the PAIN of having to teach english..... but yeah! i now have skype! I will def join the next intro don game for JEP cast cuz i know my kt/news/hsj/kinki

-i totally forgot, i got an email from ☆ぁかにし☆, i was all like.....omg who the f is this!!?? how'd they get my email for spam?? and is it retribution for not getting more friends to go see jin's con? but after seeing it's a qq address (some chinese messenger) i remembered that i signed up for eternal sheet music. Sooooo...... i'm not entirely sure if i'm allowed to share it, but i dun think the girl that sent it to me was the original author either...... so i'll email/pm it out one by one if anyone wants to have it. I tried playing piano skills are a bit rusty......but the melody still makes me wanna cry :/